A Brand needs a Generic Domain Name too

Companies selling generic products differentiate themselves from their competition by branding their company as being different from all the rest.
So why do brands need generic Internet domain names?

Branding is all about pricing and differentiation.
Generic domain names are all about navigation on the Internet. 
On the Internet you need both.

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Brand IdentityYour product or service needs an identity, a web site built around your marketing objectives. We will help you select the best domain name then create a compelling web site to keep your visitors entertained and engaged.

ContentWe can use your content or produce new content for you. Most content comes from the brand collateral portfolio. Logos, photos, videos and articles are combined to create content.  We set up e-commerce products, shoot videos, write articles and whatever else is needed to make your web site work for you.

Connect We start blogs, setup social media connections, do news feeds and other techniques that connect you to customers. We can set up analytics that monitor your Internet connections and social media networks to look for trends and report them.

Full Service We do everything. Design, production, technical and management are the main areas involved in producing and running a web site. Each of those areas can be broken down to many tasks. We work with you to determine how much of it we need to do for you. Most people have us handle design, deployment, monitoring and backups. Usually the client does the articles, photos and other media for timely, fresh content. We show you how to do it on your web site and are always availabe for free consultation.

Fast Turnaround We can deploy a web site with a standard theme and small amount of content in as little as a few minutes. The time it takes to add more content varies. We can add the content or show you how to do it yourself through a user friendly editor.

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Our portfolio includes irreplaceable, generic domain names we have acquired over the past two decades.

These domains have organic type-in traffic resulting in prequalified customers arrriving at web sites by direct navigation. To optimize the traffic we build highly targeted web sites with associated social communities. A vertical market with customers coming through looking for your product or service.

Twenty percent of Internet users type in keywords and add dot com so they can find the site most likely to provide their needs. When they type in [keyworddomain].com they are using Direct Navigation also called Type-In Traffic. One fifth of all Internet users enter the keywords without spaces and put dot com on the end.

A customer that has direct navigated to your site using a keyword domain name is already a qualified lead looking for your specific offering. Direct navigation traffic converts into sales at 4.23% of total visits compared to 2.3% for searches performed at search engines. You can have customers coming to your keyword site already engaged in your offerings.

For example hotels,com is the gateway to all hotels. If a hotel owned it they would own the gateway to the entire industry. They all turned down the purchase, about 1 million 15 years ago, because they already had their "branded "name and bragged they got it for $10.00. Any one of the major hotels could have afforded to buy it at one million dollars. By the way, hotels.com is now appraised at $84,500,000 for the name only. Yes, 83.5 million increased value on the name alone in 15 years.

Get a keyword domain name even if you already have a branded company domain name. Don't make the mistake the hotels made. You can keep your branded company site and receive the benefits of owning a keyword domain name that represents your category on the Internet.


Purchasing is very simple and straight forward. Names purchases are done with an simple agreement via email to buy it. Email us the offer, we email you the details of the deal. These deals can be closed immediately when the funds clear.

If you so desire an attorney can complete the transaction. They draw up the contracts, get them signed and hold the money in escrow until the name is delivered to the buyer. This is not included in the price of the name. Ask for details.

Once you pay you get the name immediately pushed into an Enom or Above account set up for you. All we do is give you the password and you change it. Then you are in control of the name. You can transfer it to another registrar or keep it in that account. We can transfer any way you desire but we advise this method. That way the deal is completed within minutes.

A domain name appraisal is a valuation assessment of a domain name.

Many banks use domain name appraisals and accept the methods used to compute the value. To them it secures the value as real and they will let you use it as colatteral at the bank.

The analogy to real estate is what is most often used to explain how it works. There is more to it but simply put a "keyword dot com" name is much higher in value than other names. They are considered the prime property along the expressways. Other names, extensions and names with hyphens or numbers are the back roads.

Our automated appraisals are from Estibot and Domain Index. They use their own processes to assertain value. Using data such as domain length, extension, word count and other characteristics of the domain name and Internet data such as a domain's search popularity or type-in rank. Estibot is good at certain categories of names. Domain Index has more data as related to word use.

While the two automated appraisal systems do not always agree, they put the name in the ballpark of its value. We analyze that information and combine it with our research into the market to come up with the market price. We present all three appraisals for you.

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On the new site there are compelling graphics along with colors and layouts that enhance the user experience. The site connects to social media and displays correctly on phones, tablets and desktops.They included the articles they had from the old site and they add fresh content regularly.

A web site experience to engage visitors with their brand message in an entertaining and educational manner. That is what Media Guys did for "Smart Growth Forsyth County". Visit their site here.